Client Results & Testimonials

In my counselling and hypnotherapy practice, I have been blessed to work with so many inspiring and beautiful people. They have touched my heart as I have theirs. Below are a few of the testimonials I have received from my clients, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share them with you.

Changed my life! Working with Warren changed my life. I would not be who I am now or what I am now  without his guidance and dedication to my recovery.”

“Great connection. I have never been able to connect with any therapist the way I connected with Warren. He takes the time to understand everything about you! He is honest, caring and goes the extra mile. He will be there and never leaves you to flounder.

“Amazing! I started talking to Warren about a month ago & wow has my life changed. Warren is so understanding and personable and will never judge you. He has helped me understand life as it should be and my recovery feels as if its been a breeze. As soon as I talk to Warren my day is instantly flipped around, im in so much of a better mood & as soon as we get off the phone I am excited to talk to him again later in the week. He really takes the time to know you for you. Would recommend him to everyone”

Standing Strong. In a matter of months life as I knew it had totally changed. I was no longer able to “fix” everything and I felt hopeless. There were so many things happening that were out of my control and I felt like I had been knocked off my feet and was not sure how I was going to get back up. I started speaking with Warren about 8 months ago and immediately felt a sense “recovery”. Warren helped me get back on my feet and continues to makes sure I stand strong. I would highly recommend Warren.”

Incredible Approach! I went to a class on conquering anxiety that Warren taught…incredible, practical and useful. Also applicable and user friendly. I have returned to Warren for help with a recent traumatic event. I would recommend him to others.”

Highly Recommend. I first met Warren five years ago and recently felt the need to reconnect. His approach is non judgmental, compassionate yet honest. He’s just so easy to talk to and provides practical, sensible and positive advice. I would highly recommend Warren to anyone seeking relationship advice, coaching or planning strategies, and problem solving techniques. I leave our meetings feeling fresh, renewed, motivated & inspired. Thank you, Warren!”

Great to talk to. Warren is compassionate yet objective and is very easy to open up to. I look forward to our sessions.”

Divorce and Recovery Life Coaching. Warren is an outstanding mentor and provides honest feedback with a highly disciplined approach to finding resolution to long term issues. His focus on building tools and techniques to manage through life crisis’ are practical and clear. I would highly recommend Warren to those seeking answers and practical life planning skills in the areas of addiction, life coaching and all relationship related issues.”

Highly Recommend. What a pleasure it is to have Warren in your toolbox as a resource to develop the skills necessary to deal with challenging life issues. He is a compassionate, extremely experienced individual who is focused on his clients success.”

“Very Enriching Experience. I started working with Warren to overcome my anxiety issues, in a few short months I had the tools to effectively deal with this & eliminate it from my life. Our sessions have now evolved to dealing with issues in my personal life as he guides me to be a better person & take the high road. His career counselling advise has given me the confidence to move ahead to greater opportunities for my future.”

“Business policy. Thanks Warren for bringing many new ideas on creating new internal business policies that I can go forward with, looking forward to the next steps. Thanks.”

Very good counselling service. Work with Warren Broad for over 3 years. Very good results. He is a great listener, honest and has workable advice.”