Warren R. Broad “The Recover Your Life” Addiction Counsellor and Coach  CCHT, MFT, HAC

Learn to live free of addiction
with a specialist who understands you.

Meet Addiction Counsellor, Warren Broad.

With 10 years of experience as a clinical hypnotherapist, addictions counsellor, specialist and coach, I can help you overcome challenges related to drug abuse, drug addiction, substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling, food addiction, prescription drug abuse, sex addiction, and other problems.

At the core of my approach are my own life experiences – something other coaches will never tell you. But I think it’s imperative. Because I’ve worked my way out of my own depression, anxiety, addictions and compulsions, I have an understanding of the pain and frustration you’re going through. And because I have faced challenges similar to yours and overcome them, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Your will to live better and my less-than-traditional approach will allow me to create a custom program designed to help you live a life you love. In this life, you’ll have more of a say. You’ll be able to keep bad habits at bay and turn negative thoughts into positive, productive thinking.

If this sounds amazing, then let me tell you first hand, it is. And now you can experience it…