Warren Broad

Meet Warren

Warren Broad… Three time best-selling author, teacher, speaker, and creator of the Recovery In The Now Program.

Warren Broad is a clinical hypnotherapist, honours addictions coach, therapist, counsellor, and life coach who helps people make positive changes in their lives. Clients who have gone through his programs are now living lives free of strife, turmoil, and difficulty.

Warren’s clients are located across North America, and he has tailored his services to be administered in person, and remotely by phone, skype, and email.  His online services have proven to be both effective and highly convenient.

Warren specializes in bringing individuals out of depression, anxiety, addictions and compulsive behaviors. He has experienced addiction, depression, and anxiety himself. This led him to creating the Recovery In The Now program, which seeks to fill the gaps that 12 step alone did not address in his recovery.

In addition to being a personal coach, Warren Broad is a speaker that shares his unique hypnotherapy methods and success stories about how he supports patients that have had little success with 12-step programs. He offers a unique approach to conquering anxiety, and is featured on the Udemy teaching platform with his online course, Conquer Anxiety.

Your journey to ending your pain and breaking the chains that are holding you back could just be a step away.