Work with Warren

Overcome Life’s Challenges with a Friend and Professional

Are you willing to continue to suffer in pain, sitting on the fence and staying there? Or are you ready to take control of your life, stop the pain, and finally face your challenges? If you answer yes to the latter, I want to work with you.

You Have to Do It – But Not Alone.

Unlike other coaches, I have a unique method for becoming part of my client’s lives.

I’m not just a body who sits there and listens. Instead, I take active involvement in the steps you need to take to get better. Ultimately, you make the choices, but I provide the guidance and insight needed to make those choices easier for you.

My Coaching is Different – And It Works.

My understanding of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis allows me to understand mental dialogue in a manner that facilitates change quickly. There’s no easy way to get better quickly, but there is an easier way. I know that way and work right alongside you to help you make the transition from addiction to addiction-free in the least amount of time possible.

Private Services

For celebrities, executives, and YOU, I recognize the importance of privacy.

Your needs are unique, and your calendar may have very specific requirements. My services accommodate these requirements individually, so if you are in need of discretion and services tailored to you, I can work with you and work within your schedule.

I have a long history of working with high level professionals, athletes, actors, and celebrities who need to be assured of total discretion and high levels of immersion.

It is normal to need support, which friends and family often provide. However, when you speak with someone who is trained and non-biased – and there for you in an unconditional manner – it is easier to be fully open with your feelings and concerns.